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How to Become a Millionaire in less than a year

“How to become a millionaire” is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet. In fact, 10’s of thousands of people type this exact question into Google every month looking for an answer.

Stop wasting your hard earned money on every Get Rich Quick Schemes, Magic Softwares, Loopholes and Secret Reports, they just don’t work. Instead start doing Simple things that Really Work!

How to Start a Business with No Money? Making a million is easy, finding your idea about how to do this is the difficult part.


Do you dream of becoming a millionaire?

Many people answer “Yes!” to this question, but only a very small fraction of people actually achieve this goal.

Do you want to learn how to become a millionaire fast in 1 year or less without much hassles?

You can. You have to actually work for it and it will not happen overnight. Just wanting a million dollars isn’t enough. Reading this article will never make you a millionaire, implementing the tactics or steps will. If you are determined and committed to the process, you will become a millionaire.

Now to be sincere with you, becoming a millionaire is not a big deal anymore. In fact, it is now easier to become a millionaire starting with nothing. Starting with no money is almost a blessing because it makes you that much smarter and more careful about what you do, so when you finally start making money to grow, you won’t waste it.

Today, with just a laptop and an internet connection, you can make a million dollars in six months or less.


A journey of a million dollars starts with a single step

One of the lessons you learn in creating your wealth is that you have to start small to become rich. Having a more realistic target gives you more confidence to reach it.

In order to be successful online, and ultimately to make a million dollars, or any significant amount, you need to first learn, then apply some basic skills that generate sales.

1. Prepare your mind to become a millionaire
If you are already thinking ‘I will never be a millionaire’, then chances are very good that you mostly won’t ever become one. Before you can become a millionaire, you must believe it. To become a millionaire in less than a year, you must see yourself a millionaire. You must believe it is achievable. There is no shortage of money in the world for those willing to earn it. Stop thinking negatively and start thinking about how you will be a millionaire regardless of the obstacles you may face.

2. Set a goal to become a millionaire in one year
Making money is no accident, you need a plan. Just like when you are not fit you make a fitness plan, or when you are trying to lose weight, you have a diet plan. Same with money, you need to think strategically and plan ahead.

Set a target, how you plan to achieve this goal, and then do everything in your power to accomplish it. Set a goal to become a millionaire within a time frame of one year. Break it down into monthly, weekly and objectives. The goal and objectives must be written down. The more specific you can get, the faster you can achieve your financial goals. Millionaires know what they want before they go and get it.

Finally, only thing left to do is to continue doing it and stick to the plan.

3. Support
Get around the right kind of people. Your associations in life will equal your assimilations in life. Basically what that means is you become the people you surround yourself with. A study in the United States found that a person’s income will rise to the level of their seven closest friends. So choose your friends and associates wisely.


It isn’t hard to do if you work at it

There are no secrets to becoming a millionaire and almost anyone has the chance to make it happen. The process is simple:

1 – Make money
2 – Don’t spend all of your money
3 – Save some money
4 – Invest that money
5 – Repeat

If you have no money, then you need to earn some. It all depends on how much investment capital you have to start with.


You Need a Source of Income

Unless you are born into riches, inherit wealth, or strike it rich in the lottery, you need to earn money. There are literally millions of people out there with their own small businesses, selling products online.


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