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How to create your own profitable ebook

When you say ‘digital product’, ebooks are the first thing that will come to mind for many people. Ebooks are easy to create, quick to update, cost pennies to produce, and can sell for Big Money. Yes, publishing your own ebook can be an Incredibly Profitable Idea.

No doubt, selling ebooks can be a great way to complement your income, build a network, and gain visibility. People are hungry for information. Internet Marketing is just another name for the ebook business!

It is perfectly possible to write 15-20 pages in a couple of days, so roll up your sleeves and just do it!


Why create an ebook?

There are a variety of reasons that you should write an ebook:

Build an email list
Position your brand
Expand your audience
Establish your expertise
Increase traffic to your website
Make connections and build relationships
Make money

All of these are good enough reason.


Ebooks can be simpler than you think

Many people are intimidated by publishing an ebook because it seems too hard. It’s not. Writing an ebook is quick, easy, cheap to produce and profitable. It’s not complicated at all. Anyone can do it.

It can be as simple as gathering your best information on solving a problem you’ve already published on your blog. Ebooks don’t have to be long. It could be a very simple ebook (10-15 pages) to start with. If you’re not aware, a lot of internet marketers use ebooks as complimentary items to their customers and most of which are just 15-20 pages long.

Publishing an ebook or digital product can be very complicated if you make it so, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep it simple.

Once you have the content, publishing can be really simple – you can use a simple program like Word (PC) or Pages (Mac), publish as a PDF, and you’re done.

First of all you need to identify a topic for your ebook. Choosing a topic that you are either very knowledgeable or passionate about is key to creating an ebook that will be informative and profitable. But you also want to take into account your target market before you even begin to write.

That’s good advice if the topic you know is in demand and profitable, if not you will have a good ebook that no one wants to read.

Ideally it should be something that will solve a problem people have.

The best way to get an idea for an ebook is to see what’s already out there. Try downloading a few ebooks that sell well and then spend time looking at what it is about them that makes them great.

Unique Content
Remember that it’s important to create an ebook sets you apart from the crowd. Keep in mind, the ebook market is no-joke. Over the years, it has become competitive. Thus, it’s important to come up with a title that will stand out and will attract your readers.

With the high level of competition in the ebook market, packing your digital work with unique content (original & passes Copyscape) is the key to its overall success. Your knowledge of and passion for your chosen topic will allow you to provide key insights to the reader that other ebooks don’t offer. Highlight them in your book.

If you are writing an instructional ebook, research the competition. You may find their content to be outdated, impersonal, not relevant to the average reader, or in many cases, inaccurate.

Problem solving
Creating a high-quality product in 48 hours is not impossible. A product can simply be a ebook that solves one very specific problem or brings someone one step further than they were before. Big products do take a lot of time, but little products don’t. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Ebooks are not that difficult to write, compile or create and they do not take that long to write one. You can write an ebook in one day.

People love to read how others have solved a problem that they currently have. Your audience has a lot of targeted problems that they want solved now. You don’t have to solve them all to start making more money. You just have to offer them one solution at a time. Something they can use immediately. It can just be one thing – and in fact, your audience is often looking for just one thing. And then later they’ll be likely to come back to you for more.

Here’s a simple system for creating an ebook for your audience that solves their immediate problem. So let’s get started!


Researching your ebook

Now that you’ve figured out what the particular problems in your niche are, you now have to conduct research. Not spending enough time on research is probably the number one mistake made by authors of ebooks.

The first thing to do is to ask, “What do people actually want?”

Step 1 – Find a Forum
Spend some time browsing through forums and community sites that are focused on your topic. Read through discussions, and take notes of everything that you come across that you believe is important.

Firstly, it is easy to find online forums by searching Google with the word “forum” and the name of your niche. Browsing through popular threads is a great way to discover topics of interest that you can include in your ebook.

Go to Google and typing in your niche + forum. Select three of the top active forums in that niche. Look for topics that seem to be closely linked to the pain of that specific audience and what they seem to be struggling with. If that particular problem comes up a lot then you know for sure that this is a pain point of your target audience. Also take note of other problems that they may be experiencing.

The individuals who are involved in discussions on blogs and forums are the very same individuals who are searching for this information online.

Spend some time writing down a list of problems you have identified. After that evaluate which of them are related to your areas of expertise or interest, as this will make writing the ebook a much easier task.

Step 2 – Do a search on Google
If you can´t get enough information on the forum then you use Google to gather even more information. The Internet is a great way to find out what people are looking for at any given moment. Do a search for frequently asked question pages. For sample, go to and then type in “your search faq”. Another great way to is browse to Amazon’s best selling books in a category of your choice.

Reading customer reviews was a huge help.

Frequently asked question pages are a great source of information. While you can’t steal these people’s information, you sure can borrow it and reword it in your own words.

Step 3 – Gather Information
Now your job is to collect that information and organize it.


Create a 15 to 20 page PDF report

In this report you will provide a hard-hitting step-by-step instant result process. Condense all of the information that you’ve gathered while researching and give it to your audience.

Your report must be in a step-by-step format and it must also focus on one specific problem and provide one specific solution to that problem. Now you have a product that you know for sure would be in demand when you release it.

Think about it that’s how a lot of ebooks are created. Some of the best-selling products that are making thousands of dollars are just simple easy-to-follow step-by-step information products.

Ebooks are by nature, meant to be short. No one likes sitting on a computer all day reading an ebook or even having to print out hundreds of pages. Ebooks should be short and to the point with no fluff. An ebook any where from 25 to 50 pages is more then fine, 50 to 100 pages is also acceptable, but if you go much over that, it tends to get a bit hard to read. Keep em short!

WOW Factor
The most important point when creating your ebook though is to make sure that you deliver value and quality. It’s not enough just to write a basic overview of a topic and expect it to sell – it won’t. You need to create something here that will really be the ‘whole package’ so that your readers feel like they’re really getting value for money. This is important because it will result in more good reviews and will mean people are more likely to trust you when you come out with your next product.

You can start creating your ebooks using existing document tools such as Microsoft Word or a free alternative called OpenOffice.

If you use a word processor like Microsoft Word then you can use one of the built in templates (or get a new one designed) to give your eBook an awesome design theme.

Create An Outline
Before you sit down to write, create an outline that has basically every “chapter” or section of your ebook predetermined.

Write now, edit later
The important thing about writing your ebook, is to just WRITE. Let all your thoughts spill out and edit out later. Your brain will get confused if you’re trying to be creative one minute, and be technical and edit your work the next. And you will write faster if you separate writing and editing stages.

Write your table of contents
Break your ebook down into chunks and then make a list for each chunk. Spend some time with this but don’t worry about it being perfect.

The big problem with e-publishing is that the vast majority of ebooks that are being self-published are terrible! They are poorly written, woefully edited, badly formatted, etc. Many people rush to get their work published online, but this is the problem. A badly written book isn’t going to sell, no matter how cheap it is!

You can offer the best ebook in the world, containing tips and ideas never before published, but if it is filled with grammatical errors, it will be doomed to failure. Even the smallest errors can give a negative impression to the author. The readers might think that the person behind this ebook is unskilled. Even the smallest of errors can impart to the reader that the author was sloppy in his or her writing, or that the content itself may be inaccurate.

We highly recommend utilizing a professional editing service to ensure that your ebook is grammatically correct.

Turn the ebook into a PDF
Many word processors have the option to “Save as…” and select the file type as PDF. Once you have the content, write in Word, publish as a PDF, and you’re done.


Create an ebook cover

Once your ebook is complete, producing an attractive cover design is another key to its success. A good cover is one of the most important aspects for an ebook’s success. Many readers do judge a ebook by its cover.

Creating an ecover really will help with conversions.

Create, or hire someone to create an ebook cover. I recommend using a professional designer, unless you are fully capable of doing a professional job yourself. The cover needs to be in JPG format. You can go to sites like eLance or eBay and hire a graphic designer to create an e-book cover for about $10. Alternatively, do what I did and go to and get an expert to do the job for you for $5!

You can also purchase ebook cover software if you plan to create several covers.


Ebook Pricing

There are no rules for pricing – it can be free, $1.70, $20, $47, or $597 if you like. Figure out what it’s worth to people to solve that problem.

A large percentage of people who read ebooks are extremely price-sensitive. The best way to get an idea for how to price your product is by looking at competitors’ products.

If you are new to the world of selling ebooks, consider pricing your ebook very competitively. Once you’ve had some success and made a name for yourself, you can start charging more.

Try to keep your ebook under ten dollars or it may not sell as quick or the number of ebook sales will be low. If you can sell your ebooks under five dollars then your sales will probably increase because many people will purchase ebooks that are priced for only a couple of dollars.


Preparing for sale

Upload your file
All you need to do then is upload your file (it takes just a few minutes) and sell it.

Make sure to test all download links.

Then, once your download link is live, all you have to do is make a simple page telling people to buy. It doesn’t have to be a “sales page” – it can be a short blog post about your new product, with just an outline of the major things you cover.

Sales Page
If you already have a blog or website, you could simply create an internal page and use it as a sales page. If you don’t have a website, you’ll need to buy a domain name and get a hosting plan. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you much. The domain will cost around $10, and the hosting plan from $5 to $10 monthly. In other words, you should be able to recover your investment within the first week if you sell a couple of ebooks.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when creating your sales page:

Use a catchy headline to hook the attention of your visitors.
Focus on the benefits the prospect will get from your ebook.
Include some testimonials (you can give your ebook for some people in exchange for their testimonial).
Include a 3D cover of the eBook.
Place a large and visible “Buy it Now” button at the bottom.

Write a Blog
Starting a blog is easier than it sounds, as there are several self-help online tutorials available that can guide you through the process step-by-step.

Start with a blog to list your ebooks for sale. Write up a blog post giving the details of what’s covered in your ebook (use your bulleted reference sheet as an idea guide). Don’t overthink this for such a simple offering – just tell them what they’ll get and where to get it.

To make your offer even more irresistible you could add a bonus. This can be easily done by rewriting some PLR. Remember the more value that you add to your offer the easier it is for your customer to make the purchase.

Create an Eye-Catching Landing Page
A landing page is a single webpage that appears as a result of clicking on an advertisement. Your landing page should be highly focused and targeted. A successful landing page is particularly focused on whatever product or service you are offering, with the end goal being a sale of your ebook to the customer.

A good ebook deserves a good landing page. Your landing page (or website) will include all the information people need to know to buy your ebook. This is your chance to put your sales skills to work and create a convincing sales copy to make people hit that “Buy Now” button. Spend time creating a sleek landing page and sales copy to promote your ebook, as first impressions definitely count here.

Make sure that your landing/sales page doesn’t have any links taking visitors away from it (even to other parts of your site).


Ready, Set, Launch

The Pre-Launch Phase
If you have your own social media followers, your own website or blog or any other type of audience, then you can use these channels to get your existing fans excited for what you’re about to launch.

A mailing list is perhaps the best tool of all for this and if you have a website and aren’t already building a list, this is something you should start on right away.

Post Launch Phase
Now you’ve launched your product, you need to start finding ways to sustain your sales and to increase them over time. Continue growing your business.

Perhaps most excitingly though, you can also now move on to selling your next product.

Build a customer list
It’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to prospects. When adding your product, make sure to integrate your autoresponder so that any customers who buy are automatically stored in your list.

A list of 100 paying customers is worth more than 1000 free subscribers, so don’t worry too much about the size of your list. It’s the quality of it.

As you build your list, you also want to make sure you build a relationship with them. Don’t just keep promoting offer after offer; send them some free gifts and ask questions so you can get responses. That’s what’s going to build a loyal following.

Present your book well
If you are selling your ebook on your own website, then make sure that your site is well designed and suited for the type of ebook that you are selling. Make sure you include an attractive description, as well as a good image cover to attract people to your ebook.

Do some creative promoting
Whenever you sell anything on an ecommerce site you will need to promote the site itself. Make full use of online marketing methods, such as email marketing, social media marketing, forum promotions, article marketing, etc. to get visitors to your website. The more visitors you get to your site, the more sales you will likely get.

How to turn one ebook into an ongoing revenue stream
Once you have one ebook, expanding the line is relatively easy. All you need to do is this:

1 – Release your first ebook.
2 – Ask your customers what they want to know about next.
3 – Create another ebook.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.


Final Words

Do not send any links to the digitalized ebook download until after you have received payment. If you send the ebook link before receiving any payment, you could lose the entire sale.

Always take good care of your customers and request feedback from them. When other people see the ebook listings and all the great things people have said about them, you will sell more.

The earlier you start releasing products – the faster your business will grow.



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