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How to Become a Millionaire in less than a year

“How to become a millionaire” is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet. In fact, 10’s of thousands of people type this exact question into Google every month looking for an answer.

Stop wasting your hard earned money on every Get Rich Quick Schemes, Magic Softwares, Loopholes and Secret Reports, they just don’t work. Instead start doing Simple things that Really Work!

How to Start a Business with No Money? Making a million is easy, finding your idea about how to do this is the difficult part.


Do you dream of becoming a millionaire?

Many people answer “Yes!” to this question, but only a very small fraction of people actually achieve this goal.

Do you want to learn how to become a millionaire fast in 1 year or less without much hassles?

You can. You have to actually work for it and it will not happen overnight. Just wanting a million dollars isn’t enough. Reading this article will never make you a millionaire, implementing the tactics or steps will. If you are determined and committed to the process, you will become a millionaire.

Now to be sincere with you, becoming a millionaire is not a big deal anymore. In fact, it is now easier to become a millionaire starting with nothing. Starting with no money is almost a blessing because it makes you that much smarter and more careful about what you do, so when you finally start making money to grow, you won’t waste it.

Today, with just a laptop and an internet connection, you can make a million dollars in six months or less.


A journey of a million dollars starts with a single step

One of the lessons you learn in creating your wealth is that you have to start small to become rich. Having a more realistic target gives you more confidence to reach it.

In order to be successful online, and ultimately to make a million dollars, or any significant amount, you need to first learn, then apply some basic skills that generate sales.

1. Prepare your mind to become a millionaire
If you are already thinking ‘I will never be a millionaire’, then chances are very good that you mostly won’t ever become one. Before you can become a millionaire, you must believe it. To become a millionaire in less than a year, you must see yourself a millionaire. You must believe it is achievable. There is no shortage of money in the world for those willing to earn it. Stop thinking negatively and start thinking about how you will be a millionaire regardless of the obstacles you may face.

2. Set a goal to become a millionaire in one year
Making money is no accident, you need a plan. Just like when you are not fit you make a fitness plan, or when you are trying to lose weight, you have a diet plan. Same with money, you need to think strategically and plan ahead.

Set a target, how you plan to achieve this goal, and then do everything in your power to accomplish it. Set a goal to become a millionaire within a time frame of one year. Break it down into monthly, weekly and objectives. The goal and objectives must be written down. The more specific you can get, the faster you can achieve your financial goals. Millionaires know what they want before they go and get it.

Finally, only thing left to do is to continue doing it and stick to the plan.

3. Support
Get around the right kind of people. Your associations in life will equal your assimilations in life. Basically what that means is you become the people you surround yourself with. A study in the United States found that a person’s income will rise to the level of their seven closest friends. So choose your friends and associates wisely.


It isn’t hard to do if you work at it

There are no secrets to becoming a millionaire and almost anyone has the chance to make it happen. The process is simple:

1 – Make money
2 – Don’t spend all of your money
3 – Save some money
4 – Invest that money
5 – Repeat

If you have no money, then you need to earn some. It all depends on how much investment capital you have to start with.


You Need a Source of Income

Unless you are born into riches, inherit wealth, or strike it rich in the lottery, you need to earn money. There are literally millions of people out there with their own small businesses, selling products online.

How to Make Money Through Internet?

1 – Having a great product with tons of value
2 – Driving lots of traffic (visitors) to your website
3 – Converting those visitors into sales

It’s that simple.


Become a Producer instead of a Consumer

Earning a million dollars in online sales was not hard. You are so much closer to earning a million dollars with your website than you may even realize, even if you haven’t launched it yet.

This is not rocket science. This is just building a website, mastering online marketing and salesmanship, learning how to be a leader, and building a brand. Your only initial job as a marketer is to gain the trust of potential customers.


It’s a fact

The difference between those 5% that are making money on the Net and those 95% that are not:

The 95% spend they’re time and money searching for an opportunity.
The 5% create the opportunities and collect the money.

The 95% are getting e-mails from autoresponders.
The 5% own and operate the autoresponders.

The 95% subscribe.
The 5% publish.

The 95% buy.
The 5% sell.

The Internet is the biggest market in the world.
Internet Marketing has created more millionaires than any other business ever.

You can choose to sell anything online. Opportunity is abundant online, so stop fighting with the small fish. Choose to sell something that can get you to big goals. You must have the clear and logical best products and services in your market, regardless of the competition and cost to you.


Forget about Search Optimization

Learn to listen to your customers, answer their questions and entertain them through great page copy. Then fill out your meta info and forget about everything else you’ve ever learned about SEO.

If people stick around on your site, regardless whether they buy anything or not, you win. If they leave quickly, you lose. And the only way to keep them there is to have great visuals (photo, video, graphs) and plenty of dialogue to make them trust you.

Stop thinking about what you want and focus on other people with money that have a great unmet need or desire. This is not about you.

Figure out how to provide a million dollars worth of value to your readers. First and foremost get into the mindset of helping people, by providing a useful in-demand service; do that successfully, then the money will follow. Focus on providing value to your readers and expect good results, serving people more then sell them.

Help others with no expectation of profit. Stop thinking about making a million dollars and start thinking about serving a million people. Start tracking how many people you help, even if in a very small way.


Step by Step

1Find a large group of people who are looking to solve a problem or fulfill a need.
2Create a product that solves that problem.
3Give away something free, of value that shows Proof you can help. Give it away in exchange for their email.
4Promote your freebie any way you can… (Google Adwords, facebook, … ).
5 – Send people who get your freebie by email to a good, persuasive sales letter that sells them on your full product.
6 – You’ll probably lose money at first, but test traffic and copy until each $1 returns more than $1 … preferably $2 or more.
7Build a list of customers who bought that first product.
8Create add on products that help your customers in other, related parts of their lives, in relation to that problem.

Once people bought the book, sold them other books related … then more expensive products like coaching, seminars, newsletters, etc… Repeat step #8 … which is build your customer list and sell more to them.

Every single millionaire online has done something similar to what’s above.


The money is (not) in the list

Make money whilst you sleep
If your goal is to make a living online and you are not building a list, then you are doing it wrong. Building an email marketing list is one of the best ways to ensure the long term success of your business.

The most important element for any internet marketer is the ability to build an impressive list of potential customers. Without one, to whom are you going to market?

The money is not in the list! Some people say the money is in the list, but really the money is in your relationship with the list. The most successful businesses in the world, large and small, have something in common: They build relationships with their clients on an emotional level and then nurture those relationships.

The money is in the list but it is in the relationship with your list. If your subscribers and customers respect you and trust you and value what you have to offer them, there is every reason why you should be profitable. So when learning how to build a list, make sure you build it in such a way that you offer value and trust to your subscribers and you will get trust back.

Once you have built up a database of customers who have bought from you, as long as they have been pleased with your product or service, you can sell to them again and again and again.

Just remember, a smaller list of good quality targeted subscribers is far better than a massive list of people who are only half interested in what you have to offer.

Even if you have a list of people who have not bought from you but they are interested in your products and services, with the right tools in place, there is no reason why these people will not become customers in the future.


So just how to you build relationships?

When you first start out, you won’t have a list – nothing. You have to create one. You want to build the biggest list possible.

Every subscriber on your list is potentially worth $1 per month, so a list of say 1000 subscribers is worth $1,000 per month and 10,000 subscribers is worth $10,000 which is awesome!

On average, per month, for every subscriber on your list you would make $1. If you have 100,000 people on your list, and you send out an email promoting a product where you make $50 per sale and only 2% bought it, you would make $100,000. From sending 1 email.

The key to building and maintaining a successful relationship with your list is to treat it with respect – do not abuse it and continually try to sell, sell, sell to your list, but provide them with valuable and free content to build up trust. The money is actually in the relationship you have with your list.

To keep members in your list interested in your offer, you will want to send them tips related to your niche. But before they can view your tips, you have to get them to open up the email. Having a list is one thing, but having a responsive list is another – and this what this article will help you to achieve.

When sending out your emails, the first thing that your prospects will see is your subject line. Your subject line has to do the trick of enticing your reader to click on your email and read its contents. If your subject line can’t do that, then it is wasted, and you have created an email for nothing.


The importance of an Double Opt-In email list and why you need one

Unconfirmed Opt-in (also “unverified opt-in” or “single opt-in”) takes place when a new subscriber is automatically added to a mailing list, without any “extra steps” to verify his/her intention to join.

Confirmed Opt-in (“verified opt-in” or “double opt-in”) means that before a new subscriber is added to a list, a confirmation email is sent asking the subscriber to confirm his/her intention to sign-up by clicking on the link in the email message. If the link isn’t clicked, the address won’t be added.

A double opt-in email list is like any email based newsletter or e-course where people can sign-up through the Internet either on a webpage or sending an email to mailing list management software. What makes an email list “double opt-in” is that any person who subscribes must confirm their request twice.

The first time is when the user submits their email address to the web based form. For example, anyone who submits their name and email to our Smart Business Club Newsletter at must enter their first name and email address and then hit the button to submit their request to join the newsletter.

After the initial request is received by the email list software a special confirmation email is sent to the address the person input into the form. This is the second opt-in. The email contains a link which the recipient must click to confirm their subscription request. Once they have done this they have “double opted-in”.

Why is Double Opt-In important?
There are several reasons why double opt-in is necessary, but a few key reasons to make it mandatory. The double opt-in confirms that the person who entered their email address actually wants to subscribe to the list.

Do you want an effective email list?
The whole point of an opt-in email list is to attract people who subscribe demonstrating that they are prospects for what you offer – their request for information signifies this. Using a double opt-in list is extremely important for keeping the quality of your email list high.

Reduce SPAM Complaints
All email list owners get unsubscribers and spam complaints – it’s the nature of email marketing. People hate spam and anything that smells even a tiny bit like it or if a person can’t remember signing up to your list, may result in a spam complaint. By using double opt-in you can reduce spam complaints down to single digit percentages or lower.


Membership Website

Many people are looking for the ultimate way to make money online. Their dream is to be self reliant, work from home and base all of their business online, which in theory is a great idea and can be done. One of the ways people can achieve this is through the running of a membership site.

By running a membership site you will obtain a reliable monthly income and a large group of people that look forward to what you have to say and who trust what you do online. For these people you are an expert in your field and a person that can be relied on and that is what every Internet marketer is looking for.

Create a membership website. People are willing to pay for online content.

Your challenge will be finding exclusive content. The key to your success lies in your memberships content. You would need to drive traffic to your site and have a good reason for them to join.

One of the great things about starting a membership site is you can take your hobby, specialized knowledge or profession and turn it into a profitable business. You can start it part time but it will likely develop into a full time business.

Starting and running a membership site can be a lot of fun and very exciting, however you need to know what’s involved in setting one up, and then managing it effectively.


Why do people prefer Membership Sites?

Membership sites are both beneficial to the owner and to the members. Obviously because it produces money for the owner in one way or another, but for the consumer it offers an easy way to access information that they need without having to spend hours on the internet looking for something in particular. Membership sites offer specifics and data that has been evaluated and scrutinized for its members.


The Benefits of a Membership Site

Whether you know it or not, it is every internet marketers dream to have a large group of people who know you and trust you. You can achieve this through a membership web site. Once you have created these bonds, then you can market your own products or affiliated products to these members, so not only do you get the residual income from the fee you charge, but you also sell other products to your select group of people.

As your membership grows, so will the opportunities that come your way. People will see you as the expert in your field and other people will want to join, as well as marketers who will want to advertise with you, have you promote their products and you will also earn a commission from those products. This means you will receive bigger and better business opportunities.

Does this sound good?

This is what owning a membership site can do for you.


Membership Sites are Hot

Membership sites are a great way to make residual income and to get a professional status in the chosen industry. If you are looking for a way to make money on the Internet then the membership sites are the answer to your problems.

Membership sites are the biggest growing trend on the Internet today. Used in the right way there is an unending list of ways to make a profit from a membership site, and membership sites take on all forms from dog lover sites, to teacher information related sites.


Deciding on your Membership Model

The model you decide upon for your membership site is of the utmost importance and the one you choose depends upon your objectives. There are two types of membership sites, those that are a paid membership and those that are free, and both produce revenue in different ways, the first because there is a residual income from membership fees and the second because the owner makes money through affiliate marketing.

Paid memberships have a limited number of members and free sites have an unlimited number of members.


Starting a Free Membership Site

Basically, a free membership site is a site where the user is not charged a membership fee to use the site but is required to supply their e-mail address, choose a user name and password to enter the site, participate in the discussions and activities. Sometimes free memberships are limited to less useful information or access while paid memberships have full access.

To gain full access to the site would most likely require payment if the information they are providing merits a fee.

Some sites never charge a membership fee and rely solely on selling their own product or promoting products produced by others as a source of income. Usually free membership sites are for the purpose of selling a product or service.

Believe it or not, many free membership sites make more money than those that require a membership fee be paid.

This works to your advantage in that at the same time you offer free information, you also offer other services or products that are related to your industry. This is called affiliate marketing, and the benefit is that you can market any number o products and services.

Your email list will continually grow and you can send all kinds of information about different products to the members who have signed up at your site.

Of course one of the issues with free membership sites is that you always have to be adding fresh content, updating constantly and finding things that are of interest to your readers.

If you still feel like you are not making enough revenue from your free membership site, you can always have an option where your readers or viewers can upgrade to a paid membership version where they will receive even more information than what they do from the free membership site.


Starting a Paid Membership Site

Whatever you call them — member only, membership, subscription, or mentor websites, they all have one thing in common. They are bringing in steady and constant cash flow for their owners, month after month, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

All these sites have one thing in common: to access the website (or the best information on the site) you have to pay for it! Which begs the question: why would anybody pay for information on the Internet?

The answer is simple. People buy information that they could probably find for themselves if they looked long enough and hard enough, because they want to save time or because they think the information will be better or more specialized or because the information just isn’t available to them unless they pay for it.

The paid membership site has a certain limited number of members who pay you a certain amount monthly, bi-monthly, twice a year or yearly to access the information they need. These fees can vary from between $5 to $10 to $200 depending on your industry and what you are selling. The benefits to this type of membership site are obvious in that you produce a residual income and because almost 70% of your members will be recurring members then you don’t have to focus so much attention to attracting new clients.


Membership Fees

Membership fees will vary depending on the site, what they sell, and what they want to charge. Some can be as little as $20 a month, and others may even charge as much as $200 a month. It really depends on the industry and what the customer receives for their money.


Affordable Fees

If your fees are outrageous, even the best content won’t help you retain most of you subscribers. The trick here is to offer good value for the money. You need to try what works for you. For instance, if you charge $5 a month and you provide 1 or 2 articles only, this can make you more money than if you charge $25 and offer 10 articles because more people will be willing to sign for a $5 fee and your expenses to produce content are lower.

A flexible payment policy is also recommendable. You can offer monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions. Since you are getting money in advance, offer generous discounts for the annual subscription. You also need to have a free trial because users love it and if you live to their expectations during the free trial, you will certainly see an increase in membership.


Subscription Renewals

Most members that join the current membership websites stay as long as three months. If you write excellent content for your pages, some customers will continue for a long time with your web business.

It is a known fact that once a member has signed up he will generally continue to be a member. Most sites hold above a 70% renewal rate, which means that the owner receives a residual income over a long period of time.


How much to charge

This will depend on what your site have to offer, whether it’s worth paying for access or if it can be found somewhere else at less cost.


Don’t make the mistake

Don’t make the mistake of undervaluing your content simply because of low self esteem or fear of failure.

Look at what others have done before you. The only way you can determine the right price is to put something out there and charge for it. Seeing what has worked for others is the best market research you have available before launch.

Not everyone can afford to pay a few hundred dollars a month for personal training. But a lot of people can pay $20 – $40/month for a mass group coaching program.

Most paid membership sites charge anywhere from $9.95 to $29.95 a month. Whatever you decide remember that your product or service has to be worth its price. Otherwise, your customers will not continue subscribing to your site.

It’s hard to make a profit from a membership site that is under $10 a month if you also offer an affiliate program. You are lucky to make a few dollars per sale, so this is another way around that.

Pricing too little can end up killing your membership site because everyone perceives your offer as low quality.

In almost all cases you can charge more than you think you can.


Stop Members from Canceling

Don’t worry about losing people. You definitely will lose the ones who have no interest in what you are selling. But you will attract new ones, the people who need – and are willing to pay for – what you are offering.

So how do you go about reducing the attrition rate of your membership? There are three proven methods that have been shown to work.

Be honest and straight forward about billing and payments.
Email members regularly to ensure they are aware of your new content.
Announce important up-coming events such as webinars.

You must be clear and honest about the amount and scheduling of payments that you expect from your members.

Tell prospective members in your sales letter how much the up-front payment will be and what they can expect to receive for it. Let then know how much their future billings will be and how often you will charge them.

For example you could tell them, “Your payment today will be $49 and for that you receive immediate access to the membership site and all of the bonuses mentioned in the sales letter. You will be billed $49 each month for full membership access to all of the materials available on the site.

Another thing that you should do to lower attrition rates is email reminders to your members whenever the site updates material. If you put in new material on a regular basis, consider using an auto-responder email service to keep your members informed. This will remind them to log in and keep up to date on the events on the membership site.


Cancellation policy

Your cancellation policy should be well thought out. You absolute must have a cancellation policy for all types of membership sites or member levels and you must administrate it in an equitable manner. The nuts and bolts of your cancellation policy may differ depending on the type of membership site you operate. A very important component of your cancellation policy particularly will address a fixed term membership website. What is the differentiation factor for any type of fixed term membership site and a traditional ongoing membership website. If someone cancels a fixed term membership program, if they ever return they must start over at the beginning.

As you can see, your cancellation policy can actually be a retention tool for a fixed term membership site. No one want to pay for content they have already seen. You should note that your cancellation policy can also be a determent to member retention.


How much can you make from a Membership Site

If you charge a membership fee no matter how small it will give you a residual income. Let’s say for this same teacher activities site you charge a membership fee of $5 per month and you get 1 new signup a day for a period of three months, that will produce $500 at the end of those three months with the income continuing to increase each and every month. Now imagine if you had three or four such sites, which targeted different demographic groups.


You should charge a fair price

Don’t go too expensive. Since a membership site is recurring, you should charge a fair price. The goal is to attract thousands of people and encourage them to join.

Lets imagine you charge a membership fee of $9.00 for a three month membership, and lets say you get one new member a day for three months, you should have 100 members, if those members renew that means you get $900 a month, plus more as you grow. Now imagine if you had three more membership sites that did the same thing. You would make over $3000 a month, every month.

If you got 500 members into your site, that would be a $10,000 month income – just from your membership site! That’s pretty awesome. If you went with premium pricing (popular with coaching programs), then you’d only need 10 members paying $500 each month to achieve a $5,000 monthly income!


Making money online is a number game

Making money online is a number game, the more subscribers you’ve, the more money you can make. This business model allows you to build a substantial income very quickly.

Membership site, 17,000 members, membership fee $5 monthly = $1.02 million per year!

You charge your niche $100 per month and you only need 1000 members that would earn you $100,000 per month and $1.2 million per year.


Monthly membership fee $5 / 100 new members monthly

Month 1 – you sell 100 memberships = $500
Month 2 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $500 in memberships from month 1 = $1000/month
Month 3 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $1000 in memberships from previous months = $1500/month
Month 4 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $1500 in memberships from previous months = $2000/month
Month 5 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $2000 in memberships from previous months = $2500/month
Month 6 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $2500 in memberships from previous months = $3000/month
Month 7 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $3000 in memberships from previous months = $3500/month
Month 8 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $3500 in memberships from previous months = $4000/month
Month 9 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $4000 in memberships from previous months = $4500/month
Month 10 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $4500 in memberships from previous months = $5000/month
Month 11 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $5000 in memberships from previous months = $5500/month
Month 12 – you sell 100 new memberships = $500 + $5500 in memberships from previous months = $6000/month

Total earnings: $39,000 / year

You can continue the calculation as far as you like, but the bottom line is, each month, you increase your income. Even though this example is small, you can multiply it by whatever you like to determine the true income potential.

There are other factors that come into play, like people cancelling their memberships, but overall it gives you a rough idea of how membership websites can increase your income each month.


Let’s run through an example

Month 1
If your membership site was $27.00/month and you added 1 new member per day, you would make 30 x $27 = $810.00 in month 1.

Month 2
In month 2 you add another 30 members ($810.00) but 10 members from month 1 cancel while 20 renew. You would have a total of 50 members x $27 = $1,350 in month 2.

Month 3
In month 3 you add another 30 members ($810.00) but 10 members from month 2 cancel while 20 renew and 20 renew from month 1. You would have a total of 70 members x $27 = $1,890 in month 3.

Month 4
In month 4 you add another 30 members ($810.00) but 10 members from month 3 cancel while 20 renew and 20 renew from month 2 and 10 from month 1 renew (10 from month 1 canceled because they had stayed the average 3 months). You would have a total of 80 members x $27 = $2,160 in month 4.

Month 5


Your income sky rockets

Now you can see how quickly you could earn $4,000, $6,000 and $10,000 per month with a simple membership site, making just 1 sale a day at $27.

If you start making 3, 5 or 10 sales a day your income sky rockets. But, you are still putting the same amount of effort into the monthly content.


What users want

Users want to see easy-to-navigate web pages. They want top quality, web content, relevant links, and great customer service. Users Users in generally want a website that is fashionably designed and unique as they are.

Users, when they subscribe, want to see fresh web content, newsletters, e-mails, and each of these items should target their specific needs. You will also need to apply mailing lists, blogs, membership boards, and other good quality tools for your members to use.


Create Different Levels of Membership

One way to increase profits for a membership website is to create different levels of membership. This is a purely psychological strategy. Consumers almost always choose to sign up for a product or service that is priced in between other products or services. When you offer three different membership levels at increasing price intervals, customers will actually feel like they are saving money by signing up for the middle offer.


Be an expert in that niche

A membership site can make you rich, but before then, you need to build up your skill and garner in-depth knowledge about your niche. People don’t buy from an average Joe out there; they want to do business with experts.

The society believes they’re right 99% of the time. So when you run a membership site as an expert, no matter the monthly subscription fee, the conversion rate would be high.


Design a beautiful membership site

No matter the niche you’ve chosen, the outlook of your membership site has a role to play.

Don’t be deceived by the myths out there, on the internet, people actually buy a book by its cover. In fact, a well-packaged book can convert more even if the content is poor, than a high quality content with poor packaging.

If your website is poorly designed or looks dated and unprofessional, the customer will make an assessment about the quality of your offered membership. If, on the other hand, your website is modern, visually impressive, and well-designed, customers will assume that a membership will offer something of real value.

The bottom line is simple: create a valuable membership site. Make it enticing to your target audience. But don’t stop there; enrich the member area with compelling content. That’s a great balance – you’d make more money in this manner.


Building a Membership Site with WordPress

A membership website is nothing more complicated than a website where people sign up as members in order to receive regular access to the content on the website. When you set up a standard membership website you get paid monthly as long as your members remain as subscribers. You do the same work but get paid more over time for the exact same work as you build up the size of your member list.

Membership sites are one of the best ways to leverage your efforts, energy and expertise … but if you set yours up the wrong way, it will drain your energy, enthusiasm, and your wallet!

Most business owners who create memberships sites end up giving up. Why? Because they didn’t set it up the right way from the beginning.


It must be a WordPress Website

If your going to build your website you need to build it using WordPress. WordPress provides you with a backend dashboard to login and update your site anytime you like. You can update pictures, text on pages, menu or virtually anything else you want on the fly. The costs of upgrading the site is low since its so easy to use and organizes all your content the right way. There are thousands of plugins you can use to customize your site.


Incorporate a Blog to keep it fresh

Never underestimate the importance of having a blog. A blog helps you establish domain expertise and it helps you with your SEO.

Make sure that you have a blog or news section that can be viewed by non-members. This gives an insight into what the you are all about, helps with search engine ‘findability’ and gives depth to your site.

If you have no relationships, no email list and no money to invest in advertising, then our advice is to start a blog and email list as your first communication channels. Over time just these two tools can be enough to successfully launch a membership site.

If you do have a blog already or plan to launch one, that is definitely an advantage. It can be your best tool to attract new members into your membership site.

Which is why WordPress would be ideal if your membership site offers frequently updated content that does not need to be ordered in a certain way.

You have to keep your website fresh by updating it on a consistant basis. You cant just build your site and let it sit there collecting dust. You have to publish on your blog regularly so visitors can see someone is taking care of the site. If you let your website become stale your Google rankings will suffer. Your visitors will think you have abandoned the site and leave as well.

People respect good quality information and they really respect people who run quality membership sites.

Making yourself known in your niche market is the fastest way to make the contacts you need. Give people value, be a good person, be helpful and help those in need and you will always have a loyal base of readers and followers. Post really good information and you will start to even gather a following.

One of the best ways you can begin to build your authority is through blogging. A blog full of case studies and how-to articles is the perfect tool in today’s online business world to facilitate the foundation of your expertise, spread your message and link you with the right people.


Setting up a Forum

Obviously having a forum as part of your membership is a good idea, but bear in mind it can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t set up a structure that includes help from other people.

The biggest benefit you’re selling is trust. It’s a safe place to communicate with like minded individuals who share some of the same interests. Paying for the privilege creates a feeling of privacy and community that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

We suggest you plan for success and have people in place ready to help you respond to forum posts as soon as you open your program. Your very new members will be eager to jump in and make use of the forums, and they will expect you to be there too.

If you’re going to add a discussion forum, it’s important that you’re committed to participating in the discussion. Members will really appreciate the special access they’re getting to your time and ideas. You don’t have to participate in every discussion, but it’s important for the community to know you’re involved.

Most membership sites offer some way for members to interact with each other. They allow a smaller subset of your community to connect with each other in a more meaningful way. If member interaction is going to be play an important role in your site, a forum is essential. For this, look no further than Asgaros Forum. Asgaros Forum is the perfect WordPress plugin if you want to extend your website with a lightweight and feature-rich discussion board. It is easy to set up, super fast and perfectly integrated into WordPress.

Members Only
If you already have discussion forums that are free, try adding a new “Members only” forum. This is a good way to leverage the power of freemium with your discussion forums. Free participants might be enticed to buy a membership to be part of the private forum.


Membership Plugins

You definitely don’t want to waste any time trying to figure out how to use the software while you are working on a membership site. Your focus should be on content and membership, not on any technical issues.

There are many WordPress membership plugins available on the market but we recommend those plugins that we have used.


Free Plugin

WP-Members Membership Plugin
Price: Free

WP-Members is a free membership management framework for WordPress that restricts content to registered users. Setting up and configuring a site with WP-Members is fast and easy. There is a lot possible with the free version. WP-Members doesn’t create pages for you (upon installation). Instead, it uses short codes that it gives you, and lets you pick the pages you want to use them on.

This is the easiest membership plugin to use with all the functions needed to run a basic membership site. This plugin works really well and is really simple to use.


Paid Plugin

WP eMember
Price: $59.95

When you buy the WP eMember plugin you can use it on as many sites as you own. There is no “Developer Option” here. One low price entitles you to use the plugin on all of your sites. The WP eMember has grown in popularity since its inception because it is less expensive than many alternatives but still full of features membership site managers love. Overall WP eMember will meet the need of most average membership site owners. One of the most unique automated processes is automatic membership upgrades. Easily run a successful membership site. Integrated with WP eStore and WP Affiliate Program – to help you run a great site selling digital products. It will be one of the best investments you can make for your online business.

Integration with:

WP eStore

Another great feature of WP eMember is WP eStore integration. Many membership plug-ins for WordPress create compatibility issues with popular e-store plugins. WP eStore Plugin is a great solution for those looking to run a digital goods online store on autopilot.

WP Affiliate Platform

WP Affiliate Platform is a WordPress affiliate plugins with complete features and integration with popular WordPress cart plugins and hosted affiliate solution.

bbPress Forum (free plugin)

Can be integrated with bbPress forum plugin. This allows you to apply protection to the forum topics and replies. You can also make certain forums for members only.

WooCommerce (free plugin)

You can integration WP eMember with WooCommerce so you can accept membership payment via WooCommerce.


Writing web content for a membership website

Writing articles are not as easy as many believe. In fact, some people think that possessing basic English with knowledge of spelling and grammar is all you need to write web content that helps you with running a membership website.

If you were writing articles for a magazine company, you will need to know the proper style, format, and have the ability to brainstorm up some fabulous ideas that will get your copy published. Like magazines, web content also needs some style to keep customers coming back for more.

Many Magazine Companies hire authors, editors, and freelance writers. Most will accept work from the hire-ins before accepting submissions from outside sources.

Some membership sites are even set up in a way that gets the members themselves to add the ongoing new content. Knitting sites, for example, encourage members to post new patterns and designs for everyone to see, and to participate in discussion forums that only other members can access.

The site owner has done nothing to produce fresh content, and gets to charge members a monthly fee!


How to create content for membership site

Top recommendation for creating content for your membership site is to try to keep it as evergreen as possible. It should be information that is useful not only today but, next month, next year, … Of course, you’ll need to update it from time to time but try your best to go as evergreen as possible!


How to promote your Membership Site

As a membership site owner, if you are positioned as the publisher, you do not want to be focused on traffic. You plan the content, get the content from where ever you decide, and publish it.

Your focus should be on having the best possible membership site in your niche. By doing this, your members will automatically spread the word and promote for you.

However, you need to do a little promotion in the beginning to get your first 100 members. This will also allow you to test and improve your conversion rates.

No one will end up on your site accidentally – the Web is just too big. Every person who visits your new site searched, saw an ad, or was somehow told to visit your site. You need to have a plan to get traffic to your site.

The quickest way to your first 100 members is to buy traffic from websites that already have your future customers as readers, or PPC (Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc).


Start building your e-mail list early

Email lists are crucial for any business but they can make or break an Internet business because this will be your number one strategy for getting new members.

Don’t worry if your list is not huge in the beginning. What you really want to do is pre-qualify people who are ideal customers for your membership site. If you do not have a list, start today. Offer people a free product to motivate them to give you their email address.


Offer a Free Trial (Not a Money Back Guarantee)

When you offer a money back guarantee, you’re asking subscribers to trust you with their money. But with a zero-cost trial, you’re telling them to keep their money and truly try your service risk-free. That’s why a free trial converts better than a money back guarantee.

Guarantees help build trust. But, of course, you don’t want to give a free trial to anyone.

The subscription is offered as a “free trial” and the customer is then charged automatically without notice as soon as the trial is over and continued to be charged until the customer cancels. This aspect of the process should be made clear to buyers without confusion since many other membership sites are using the same model.

Never trick people into joining your site by giving away a free trial and not telling them they will be rebilled for the 2nd month. That’s dishonest. Also, if someone asks you to stop their free trial, make sure you do! Don’t charge people for a product they don’t want, even if they stay subscribed for 29 days of the free trial and unsubscribe right before they are due to be charged for the second month, that’s life and that was your offer.

Once you have your first 100 members, you will know what your conversion rate is, and can then approach affiliate marketers.


Affiliate Program

You need affiliates if you want a big launch. Affiliates will become your one and only traffic source. They then do all the traffic generation for you.


Contest or Giveaway

A contest or giveaway’s popularity depends on your ability to promote it. You might have the most brilliant contest idea, the prizes might be smashing, but if no one knows about your contest, they won’t be a part of it.


Selecting random winners

If the contest is only supposed to be fun and get a group of people to play, without showing their prowess in a certain field, you can randomly select your winners.


Picking the best based on their skills

You can of course select the best contest entry, based on some required skills or creativity. You can be the judge of the contest or ask for more people to act as jury. Having more people decide who the winners are makes it look more professional, more objective than having only one person act as jury.


Bonus Contest Type – Group Writing Projects

Group writing projects are very effective ways to give away prizes and mix your traffic boosting efforts with your link building strategy.

Group writing projects require participants to write a blog post or article based on a given theme. It can be a starting phrase or a general theme. They also require the blog entry to mention the group writing project, which means links to your contest announcement and your website.


When to Run Contests?

The occasions are plenty – holidays, anniversaries, your birthday, the beginning of spring, low traffic periods because everyone is either too busy or too lazy (this happens during holiday seasons a lot, especially in the summer, when everyone only thinks of their fast approaching vacation).

You can either turn a certain contest or giveaway into a yearly tradition, or just run them any time you feel the boost in traffic is needed.


How to run a successful YouTube contest

With some four billion daily views, YouTube is an ideal platform to share your message and build a community.

Running a YouTube contest is a great way to reach your target audience and generate buzz about your product line. A video contest is one way to stand out, and it’s far easier and more realistic than trying to create a viral video.

A YouTube contest not only can provide value to your audience, but also show that you’re listening to them. You want to give your audience a voice so they can express themselves and not simply promote your business. But you also want the videos to help boost your business.


How to Improve Profits for Membership Websites

If you want to make your customers feel like they belong to something important, you can starts with giving real value along with a great experience. And your brand will benefit because customer membership will generate continual, passive income every single month. Here is list of five great strategies:


Better Customer Service

When you’re running a membership site, you have to be constantly providing the experience your members are paying for. Customers who invest in a membership wanted to be treated differently than other customers. They demand special treatment and attention from your business. If you want to increase profits for a membership website, start treating your members like royalty and start building long term valuable customer relationships.


High Quality Web Design

Nobody wants to pay for membership for a website that looks like it has been created by a amateur. Customers who are seeking a business or brand with which to engage on a regular basis are looking for quality and authority. If your website is poorly designed or looks dated and unprofessional, the customer will make an assessment about the quality of your offered membership. If your website is modern, visually impressive, and well-designed, customers will assume that a membership will offer something of real value.


Add a Quality Blog

One of the most effective ways to funnel in more members to your site is to educate them about your niche. A blog offers you a way to let your prospects know the quality you can deliver. By creating a blog you’ll be able to create targeted content that helps readers and converts them into paying members for the site.


Don’t run away from competition

Don’t run away from competition. don’t look at competition as a bad thing. Consider it a very good sign that there is money to be made in that particular niche.

Are there competitors out there? If so, it is a strong indicator of a profitable market.

Your goal of course will then be to position your offering so that you are differentiating yourself from the competition. Just differentiate your offering and you stand a chance of being quite profitable. Work on differentiating by having a site which is:

Better quality
More unique offerings


Keep an eye on the competition

Visit websites of similar organisations and competitors to see what they are up to. You should consider joining those competing sites. Learn what they are doing right and wrong. Take notes on how they promote themselves and what they’re offering their members in return.


Analyze Your Competition

No matter what niche you’re in, you will have competition. By analyzing and studying your competitors you’ll get to understand what they’re doing. You must avoid the mistakes that they made.


Building and Running a Membership Website

Building a membership website in all aspects is not a quick task. One of the hassles of running a membership website is creating quality content on a consistent basis that your members will find useful. Growing a membership website is a full-time job.


Start Small

It can be overwhelming to try to build a fully featured membership site all at once. Remember that you can grow your site as your membership grows. Your audience will likely be small at first, so there’s no need to spread them thin across a giant membership site. Concentrate your efforts on the core content on your site, and on encouraging and facilitating interaction between members.

Don’t wait for everything to be exactly right to start. There will never be a “Perfect Time”! Start now, with whatever you have. Treat your business as a serious, full-time business, and it will become one.

Be patient. You’ll work the hardest your first six months or so and get compensated the least. Big incomes never happen overnight.

Be organized, but don’t allow the act of organizing keep you from the most important element of a successful business: Marketing. Market and promote your business every day!

Always remember that the only thing that will never change is that there will always be changes. Be flexible.


How to Pre-Launch a Brand New Website

When you first create a website, nobody knows about it but you. Great products fail all the time because they never find their way in front of the public eye. Without a launch plan you’re publishing content for nobody and your best content is wasted.

The main purpose of the launch, beyond getting maximum traffic and engagement on day one, is to truly establish you and your brand as a new authority in the niche that you’re entering – one that’s worth paying close attention to.

Launching a website with a bang is no easy task. It takes a lot of work, effort but also planning. If you want to launch with a bang, it’s important to start building relationships before you launch your website. Nothing else will help get your site off the ground more than other people talking about it.

Your product needs an audience, and if you really want it to succeed, it’s best if you get the audience before you launch.


Pre-launch phase

It is one of the most important phases to launching a website. The pre-launch phase is the phase between the creation of your product and the launch day. This is the phase you should use to warm your market up to your upcoming product launch. In other words, you “salt” the market until they are thirsty for your product on launch day. The pre-launch phase is what creates a buying frenzy.


How To Create The Pre-Launch Buzz

This is one of the most important events in the early stages of a business. There’s only one launch to get it right. A poor launch can show instability in a brand.

Start too late, and your product launch will flop. Start too early, and the buzz will turn into a fizzle by the time you go to market.

We recommend about one month before a company is completely ready to launch. Building excitement and curiosity in customers is essential to the eventual success of a company in its beginning stages. Launching earlier than a month can be catastrophic, as these same customers might think that the company ran into problems with their product line and they may become hesitant about making a purchase. Be sure to build hype and show no weakness.

For the best results, you need to launch your product at the peak of virality, when excitement has only just started to plateau. In order to pull that off, you should actually have a working product before you begin a pre-launch marketing campaign.


Capture the audience

Before you officially launch your website, you can already begin the marketing process for your site by creating and promoting a pre-launch “coming soon” (landing page) page. You want a landing page with a high conversion rate before launching a massive pre-launch campaign or you’ll end up losing a lot of the traffic.

Every pre-launch website must include the following elements:

Date/Time of Launch: Create a countdown clock to the exact time of the official launch. This is important because it lets people know when they can expect to see your new website online. In addition, it forces your staff to commit to a specific date for website completion. This creates huge anticipation. This is the most important element to any pre-launch website.

Create Excitement: Sample: the official Membership Website (soon to be unveiled) will allow a limited number of people to register for an informational webinar/meeting. Blog was set up at This allows people to start interacting, blogging, and talking about your new Membership Website before you officially “go live.”

Email Signup Box: Since registration space is limited, people need to know the exact time of launch so that they can return to “reserve a spot in history.” But why make them try to remember it? Instead, you can give them a simple way to sign up for notification when the site is available. Then on launch day, you can send an email message letting them know that your website is live.

You can offer a free report on this page that acts as a teaser to your main product.

Logo: Finally, placing your company logo somewhere on the page is an important element for any new launch. Building an identity for your new company can’t start soon enough, and your prelaunch page is an excellent place to start establishing your brand.


Creating this page will be well worth the effort

People love to know in advance of the next big thing, so if you can convince people that what you’re creating is worth paying attention to and you create an environment of anticipation, creating this page will be well worth the effort.

Think of these early subscribers as ambassadors. They will be the first to know when your new site is up and can be there to help you spread the word right from the start. If possible, give something away to them as a thank you for subscribing that will only be available before the launch.

Once you launch, you can send an email to your list and immediately have traffic coming to your website, not to mention a list that’s already greater than zero.


Big benefits

You can collect email addresses from people who are interested in knowing when you launch. Furthermore, if you begin to notice a number of people getting interested in your website before you launch, that’s a huge motivator for you to keep going and get things done.


Do Not Underestimate Social Media

One way to launch your Campaign with a bang is by using Twitter. Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. You type posts of up to 140 characters (called “Tweets”) about what’s on your mind (about the weather, your business, sports updates, anything!)

Tweet often! The more you tweet, the more followers (and business!) you will get.
Try tweeting at different times of the day to see when you get the best responses and direct messages from other Tweeters


How to Use Web Video to Create a Pre-Release Buzz

There’s nothing new about using video marketing for launches. The Film Industry has been using it for years but Viral videos aren’t limited to the Film Industry.

Using a video to create pre-release buzz is a hugely successful and relatively inexpensive way of reaching a wider audience and increasing your marketing impact.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your budget isn’t huge, as long as you make the video creative and fun.

Demonstrate your new product in action, show how it can solve your customers’ problems, and plan your video with a target audience in mind.

Finally, finish your video with a call to action, and market it using social networking sites and influential bloggers to make sure people are as excited as you are about your new venture.


Launch Day

Launch day will be your busiest day. Send an email out the night before to the people who signed up through your pre-release site so that they can be the first to get access to your product. On the day of the release, send out another email and post links to the page hosting or selling your product across all of your social channels.



Encourage the people who signed up for your pre-launch site to share the news with their networks, perhaps even providing some kind of an incentive such as a discount or a special version of the product designed just for that group.


Run a competition

Once you have launched your product offer a free one to the winner of a competition. You could either run the competition on your own site and through your social media channels or offer it out to the media as a prize. Media organisations are often looking for prizes to offer their readers so by offering your product you will get some publicity.


Give your new product pride of place on the homepage

When you launch something new you want to make sure that people see it. Create a product of the week section if you don’t already have it and pop your new product in there which a great product image. You’ll certainly garner some extra attention.


How To Create A Membership Site Empire

Repeat the entire process. This is the perfect way to dominate the Internet to you. The person with the most membership sites up with the most members is the winner.

Once you start with one membership site you won’t be able to stop just there. You could easily setup 10 to 50 membership sites.

A membership site with only 50 members paying only $9.95 a month is still $500 a month. Now imagine if you had 10 or 50 of those types of sites.


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