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Sample Horoscope - Forecast - Sean Commery

Name: Sean Connery
Birthname: Thomas Sean Connery
Born: 1930-08-25 at 18:05
in: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, 55N57, 3W13


Daily Forecast & Transit Report

for 2013-09-23



Sun conjunct Mercury enhances your creative thinking today. You may have new and promising ideas in work or business. Today is THE day to start new ventures. On a more mundane level, it is an excellent day to write letters and go out and experience the world.



Jupiter transiting the Second House designates a time when you have “lady luck” and may increase finances through speculation or contests. However, you may also be apt to lose money as quickly as it accumulates and you should take caution in engaging in enterprises which entail the accruing of many debts.

Neptune transiting the Tenth House marks a time when you may base many business decisions on “hunches” or “gut” feelings. Religion, philosophy, or the occult may also influence dealings at work. It’s a good idea during this transit to check all your facts and listen to the advice of others before acting on your “hunch”.

Mercury square Pluto indicates a time when it’s best to listen to all those around you before making a decision. Do not become preoccupied with one idea and accept it as gospel. Considering all sides may be most beneficial today.

Jupiter square Venus may bring gossip or romantic intrigue to the workplace. Be sure to think of others as well as yourself during this transit, especially with members of the opposite sex, for this can be most beneficial.



With Mars transiting the Fourth House, you may tend to quarrel with family members, particularly if you take an active interest in improving the home on your conditions. This is a good time to try to foster a sense of togetherness and “team play” among family members, and you should try hard at this time to squelch the desire to do everything “by yourself”.

Mercury square Pluto makes you wonder about the motivations of loved ones actions. Don’t close your mind to friends “quirks” or way of doing things.

Jupiter square Venus is a transit representing great love for your fellow man. This is an excellent time to spend with family and close friends in a leisurely setting.

Mars sextile Venus allows you to enjoy the pure ebullience of mirth to the fullest. This transit represents an excellent time to enjoy the company of friends in a party atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to share your festive mood with others.



Pluto in the Seventh House may bring considerable changes in your life because of involvement in a partnership, whether it be romantic or business. Try not to let your partner dominate your actions, nor should you allow unnecessary arguments to occur because you are at cross purposes with an associate.

Neptune opposite Sun indicates a time when it is best to be as explicit and straightforward as possible in your dealings with others, especially loved ones and business partners. Try to remain upbeat about yourself now.

Neptune opposite Neptune occurs late in life, making you aware of the cosmic forces which may seem to be swirling around you. This is the time to shed away old concepts and ideas and prepare instead for a higher level of consciousness.



Sun transiting the Fifth House marks a time period in which you greatly enjoy social and romantic activities. You truly desire “fun” and should not hesitate to get to know new people and form new acquaintances. Also, love is in full bloom during this transit and it’s a good time to fully demonstrate the depth of affections to loved ones.

Mercury transiting the Fifth House indicates a time when there may be numerous romantic interests in your life. As such, you may spend a great deal of time, effort, and worry balancing commitments. Also, this transit marks a time when you seek intellectual stimulation in both love life and social and leisure activities.

Venus trine Jupiter creates fluency in your social skills, making it a good day to be with friends or loved ones. You may attract a new love interest.

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