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Sample Horoscope - Natal - Michelle Pfeiffer

Name: Michelle Pfeiffer
Birthname: Michelle Marie Pfeiffer
Born: 1958-04-29 at 08:11
in: Santa Ana, California, US, 33N45, 117W52


Natal Report



As a Taurean, there is a definite need for security. This desire extends to all aspects of one’s life, particularly relationships. Like others born with the Sun in Taurus, this person enjoys the good things in life and will work hard to obtain those material goods which bring both comfort and pleasure. Natives are extremely loyal to both friends and loved ones, sometimes loyal to the point of being jealous of others affections as well as belongings. Thus, one must try to realize what is most important in human relationships is respect and true understanding rather than blind devotion and possessiveness.

Sun trine Moon results in good health and well adjusted individuals who understand the need for balance in their lives. They are self confident. They are fond of children and attractive to the opposite sex.

Sun sextile Mars are energetic, vital people. Natives are charming to people of the opposite sex. They are constructive people whose natural leadership abilities make them successful.

Sun square Uranus natives are extremely willful and irrationally rebel against authority. They are very impulsive and sometimes fail to think before they speak or act, often too their own detriment.

Sun opposite Neptune creates confusion where the natives emotions are concerned. Unless they learn wisdom, their dreaming and wishful thinking make them prime targets to be deceived and disillusioned by others.



Natives tend to respond to people and events around them in a shy, reserved manner. Generally, they like to “hide behind the scenes” when doing work, preferring to stay incognito, managing every detail and making sure all aspects of a project or relationship are “perfect”.

Like others with the Moon in Virgo, these natives pay close attention to detail, both in other people’s thoughts and actions. Their response to others is frequently ruled by the appearance of health and neatness they see in others, which natives value in themselves, sometimes to the extreme.

Moon trine Sun natives are good natured and interact well with others. Being very adept socially, they tend to have many friends and be popular with persons of the opposite sex. They are optimistic and confident people.



With Mercury in Aries, natives have a highly active mind and do not hesitate to voice many original ideas. When speaking, they tend to be very animated; energetic hand gestures and facial expressions are not uncommon, and they may frequently “go off” on a topic with little background knowledge. As a rule, natives are impatient with people or things which take a long time to decide upon something. But the impulsiveness of their thought process makes it difficult for them sometimes to carry out all ideas completely. They are good at starting things without waiting for the end.

Mercury opposite Jupiter natives tend to be idealistic and somewhat impractical. If Mercury is in a mutable sign, natives are confident and have great willpower. If it is in a fixed sign, natives are stubborn and willful.

Mercury trine Saturn natives are highly motivated individuals with strong organizational ability as well as an attention to details. They are bright, disciplined people with dextrous hands. They make good engineers and designers.



Natives are extremely romantic and sensitive to the feelings of others whom they care about. Unless feelings of love are reciprocated; however, natives will feel depressed and lonely, thinking their affections for loved ones are in vain.

With Venus in Pisces, they are extremely sympathetic to others, especially the “underdog”. Also, feelings of love are the primary motivators for all the natives’ actions; expressing affections is paramount in maintaining their love life and they must be genuine or natives may feel cheated.

Venus square Saturn natives may get caught up in a downward spiral of disillusionment through failed love which robs them of their loving nature and supplant it with greed and power hunger. They may become dour and pessimistic.



With Libra on the Ascendent, natives appear unassuming and shy around others. However, they strongly desire companionship and tend to get along very well with compatriots. These people like to please friends and many times will do things which, in their minds, is most fair and equitable since strife of any kind usually upsets natives a great deal. Their deep feelings about loved ones extend to work and career as well. Thus, they are most happy when they feel their work is benefiting both society as well as themselves. Also, natives express strong feeling about family but tend to think with their practically where romantic relationships are involved.

Jupiter in the First House indicates one who is optimistic and enthusiastic about life and is full of initiative and desire to succeed. The native is good at inspiring others to reach goals they thought impossible.

With Neptune in the First House, natives take a while to develop their own clear self-image. When they do, though, their idealistic tendencies make them strong and selfless around loved ones.



A balanced number of planets in Fire Signs in the native’s chart indicates a blending of realism and compromise, making for a diplomatic yet assertive individual.

The lack of Earth elements in the natal chart, though, indicates natives who may have difficulty in managing the many details of life because they focus on the ‘bigger picture’.

With a lack of planets in Air signs, the native is inclined to let emotions rule actions, and have difficulty in expressing true feelings.

Furthermore, an average number of planets in Water elements indicates a person with considerable ability to express sympathy and emotion to others.


Basic analysis

Open personality. Reacts quickly to external stimuli. Capable of doing multiple tasks at once. Curious, nothing escapes her attention. Knows everything there is to know about everything, but the level of knowledge is shallow, oftentimes superficial. However, she is content with this level of information. Chatty, but a good communicator. A gifted sales person, she can sell sand in the desert. Not loyal, due to her inability to concentrate on one thing at a time. Whatever she is doing at the time is what’s most important, but in the next minute she might move onto something new, and will become her focus and forget about what he deemed so important beforehand. Doesn’t become attached, she enjoys herself with everyone, anywhere. Always two of everything…

Due to the position of the Sun, (however) rather persistent, more practical, more materialistic.

a) Play an important role in her life:

desire, friend(s)

b) Connections:

Child, love positively related to desires.
Spouse or business partner negatively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
Spouse or business partner negatively related to abroad or legal matter.
Spouse or business partner negatively related to profession.
Spouse or business partner positively related to desires.
Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to accidents, surgery, death, or separation/divorce.
Brother-in-law or sister-in-law negatively related to profession.
Parent negatively related to abroad or legal matter.

c) No possibility of sexual perversion
d) Possibility of correction facility or mental institute

Propensity to illness or accidents

a) Valvular dysfunctions. Heart attack. Cardiac arrest.
b) Neurotic problems with long-term therapy. Addictions, poisoning.

c) No possibility of nerve related or mental illness
d) No possibility of severe high or low blood pressure

Data pertaining to spouse/partner

a) No possibility of marriage (cohabitation) (67%).

b) The partner(s) probable Sun or Asc. sign(s):

primary: Gemini, or Sagittarius
secondary: Taurus, or Libra

c) Quality of relationship(s):

Partner’s age or life style is significantly different.
Solid finances and social advances achieved through not too happy relationship.
Partner is kind, fortunate, generous, not naive, possessing good legal sense.
Partner slightly unfaithful, cold, materialistic, not too successful. Unhappy, late relationship. Possibility of bankruptcy and/or emotional breakdown caused by partner; Partner deceases first. Marriage preceded by obstacles.

d) The following event(s) will cause friction in relationship(s):

important life events, love, child, desire, friend(s),
isolation, secret

Financial situation

a) By age groups:

up to age 5: good.
ages 6-14: good.
ages 12-30: good.
ages 16-40: good.
ages 30-50: very good.
ages 40-70: good.
60 and over: good.

b) Pertaining to life as a whole: good.

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