What is White Label

White labeling is when a product or service removes their brand and logo from the end product and instead uses the branding requested by the purchaser. In the digital world, white labeling is when your company purchases a white label company’s services and presents them to the customer under your brand name.

The white label technology is a ready-made licensed software product developed by one company and rebranded by another one, to make it appear their own. The mechanism seems clear, but what does white label mean in business today?

In the saturated ad market and high competition environment, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. The launch of the product will require a lot of efforts and time, even if you’ve progressed far past planning stage. It will take even more time to build your brand recognition and grow a loyal customer base, that’s why marketers invented white label platforms.


What is White Label Branding?

White labeling is producing the products and services and their further rebranding and advertising under another brand’s name. The aim of it is increasing customer loyalty and trust, saving resources and time necessary for new the new solution development and deployment.

Still, what is white labeling in terms of business growth? Such a model means a lot for the startups and business that haven’t grown their own competitive brand names yet but already produce same, or in some cases, even better quality products or services.

For other companies, such approach helps to focus solely on developing instead of investing resources in marketing and promotion. “white label business” refers to a fully supported product or service that is made by one company but sold by another.

White label product definition implies that it is a “raw” generic commodity, which is consequently rebranded, customized with the company’s logo, label, and identity, and used as their own.

White Label solution requires a minimum of upfront capital investment since the vendor handles all issues with software licensing, data center space or servers, costs on logistics and tech support. After the company customizes the product with the feel and look of their own brand, it can begin selling the product as its own collecting revenues and share the commission with the service provider or technology.


How does it work?

The vendor company develops a “plug-and-play” product for your business, for instance, a white label advertising platform that’s seamlessly tailored to suit your brand. Then, you have to “decorate” the product to match your corporate identity. With the help of White Label, you can add your company’s name, logo, icons, URLs, corporate emails, components of the text and some elements of the website to align them with your brand comfortably. After full customization, you will be ready to turn your white label sales right away, on your own conditions.


What businesses need White Label Solutions?

Very few companies can afford own solution development from scratch. Using a ready-made software allows partners to launch their own brand based on existing technology, taking into account all the high standards and novelties of the industry.

All technical issues associated with white label platform development, as well as further support and maintenance, are entirely outsourced to the white label company. As a result, the brand receives the product which is made in accordance with technical requirements set before implementation.

In practice, the white label approach works well for businesses across different verticals and industries. Saving money, time, and technical platform management are not the only reasons why you might want to launch your own platform. White Label solution is often developed for the number of less obvious reasons:

The business intends to focus primarily on brand building or developing innovative customer serving strategies.
The brand wants to enter a new market and win the competition in the new segment and has a vision on how to capture their aim applying a unique piece of technology.
The company is very small or has only head stuff on a team. Still, it has the necessary funds to start a business asap.


Why brands use White Label solutions?

The white labeling definition is quite self-descriptive, think of it metaphorically: the white label company gives you the blank piece of paper where you can write whatever you want and start your own brand immediately.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, going through trial and errors, wasting precious time and money, brands choose a simpler option: the White Label Solution. These are the main benefits that you obtain launching WL products:

It’s all under your brand’s control: The first and the most solid advantage is that you have your own freshly-baked brand that you can build on ready-made software. Unlike renown franchise scheme when you use someone else’s name, White Label allows you to create a unique product, launch your own capitalization service model, and start winning the digital advertising world with it as a business owner. There’s more to it, by rebranding a white label product as your own, you are reinforcing your trademark alongside with reputation.

It’s quick and easy to deploy: White label solutions are ready-made, fully tailored solutions that make branding very simple. Through a partnership with a vendor, advertisers get to the market faster and provide customers with a solution immediately. Furthermore, such a solution is exceptional from the point of customization. In case it comes up to your mind, that this or that function might come handy in the programmatic platform, white label solution developers will always help to make that idea of your come true.

It’s cost and time-efficient: If you decide to build your own product from scratch, it may cost you time training existing employees or recruiting new in-house talents. Apart from designing, prototyping, and development stage, crucial time should be spent for bug and A/B testing, positioning and marketing promotion. By using an already-polished product from the white label service provider, you get a chance to save up budgets on research & development.

It lets you do what you do best: Forced to do something that’s outside their competencies, the brands often achieve poor and unsustainable results. Enthusiasm is a good thing but in software development experience really matters more. White Label Solution is not a raw script that needs to be retouched or finalized with no guarantee that it will work in the end. A white-labeled platform is a ready-to-use platform that can generate income right away. It undergoes revisions, tests and if something goes wrong, your vendor takes full responsibility for fixing.

Your customers will be grateful: Proved, With White Label Solution advertisers, can attract loyal customers and build stronger relations with consumers. Here’s why. You need to understand that your customers have needs and they’re searching for easy and straightforward ways to satisfy them. If they find these ways elsewhere, they won’t wait until you develop your own. The White Label Solution lets you dodge the ‘lost customers pit’ by choosing prepackaged, immediate implementation options.

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