Why is it that over 99% of all MLM distributors fail in their attempt to achieve financial success in MLM? The overwhelming majority of them fail because they recruited the wrong people and they apply the wrong strategies and tactics.


Proven strategy of MLM´s Top Earners

The whole process of building a large MLM downline and making $10,000 or more a month seems so easy to accomplish. And in theory, it is. But unfortunately, the MLM industry is overflowing with illogical theories and silly strategies that have proven themselves to be absolutely worthless.

There is however, a proven strategy that has repeatedly earned savvy distributors exceptionally large five-figure monthly incomes… $10,000+ per month. This strategy of recruiting MLM distributors into your downline is so logical, so powerful, so effective, and so consistently proven, that it is the primary reason why virtually all brand new MLM companies begin the downline-building process by recruiting some Heavy Hitters, because those Heavy Hitters quickly build large downlines!

And the strategy they use time and time again to build their downlines quickly, is recruiting experienced MLM distributors. It is an fact that it does work, and it works extremely well!

And if you copy their strategy of recruiting experienced MLM distributors, then you will be doing exactly what so many of the industry´s Top Earners and Heavy Hitters have done and continue to do this very day!

Because when you recruit experienced MLM distributors into your downline, you significantly increase the odds that you too, will achieve incredible financial freedom in MLM.


Most MLM Distributors want to earn big money… but don´t

Over 99% of all MLM distributors make little or no money from their MLM business. In fact, most MLM distributors actually lose money. Why does this happen?

Granted, there are MLM distributors who are lazy, those who procrastinate, those who have a hard time making decisions, and there are those who are scared of success (although they´ll never admit it).


Why most people fail in MLM

The primary reason why most people fail in MLM is because they are recruiting the wrong people.


The “Secret” is revealed

Recruit MLM veterans, not rookies. To build a large downline fast, and to make a five-figure monthly income in six months or less, you must recruit other experienced MLM distributors, the veterans. Do not recruit MLM rookies. That´s the secret!

Do not recruit your family and friends. And Don´t recruit opportunity seekers. In other words, don´t recruit rookies, people who have no MLM experience. You see, when you recruit rookies, then you´re relying solely on luck of the draw and the odds are against you ever succeeding in MLM. It´s worse odds than a slot machine in casino! Forget luck, and go where the odds are in your favor. Only recruit veteran MLM distributors.

The reason are logical. MLM veteran distributors have already been sold on MLM. They´ve already been trained. They know how MLM works. They want to make money. And most important of all, they know other experienced MLM distributors they can recruit. Recruit other MLM veteran distributors and you´ll create a downline explosion.

But why would MLM veteran distributors from other compnies take a look at my MLM program if they´re already in a MLM program?

What you´ve got to understand is this: Contrary to all the “success hype” that oozes from our industry, the fact is that the vast majority of MLM distributors are failing. In fact, about 99% of all the MLMers out there are making little or no money with their programs. And on any given day, over 85% of them will take a look at your program if it´s presented to them properly and respectfully. So when you recruit other MLM distributors, don´t act like everybody else. Be a contrarian! Get to the point. Be courteous. Be respectful. Show some empathy. Sell the benefits of your program. Solve their problems. And never put down the program they´re currently with.

Contrary to the what you may have heard, eight or nine out of ten MLMers will take a look at your program if they think it offers a better opportunity than the program they´re with. If you can show them with kindness and sincerity that your program is better, then they´ll join your company, and they´ll bring a bunch of people with them.


The Facts

If your goal is to make big money in MLM, then consider this:

The single most important factor for quickly building a large downline is the quality of your prospects.
It is a known fact among the MLM industry´s top earners that it is easy to succeed in MLM when you recruit veteran MLM distributors.
This strategy of recruiting experienced MLM distributors is exactly how many of the industry´s top earners have made their fortunes.
When you recruit experienced MLM veteran distributors, you´re prospects are already highly pretargeted and prequalified.
When you recruit experienced MLM veteran distributors, you are doing exactly what so many of the industry´s wealthiest distributors did to achieve their wealth.


How to build a large downline quickly

Hard work will not make your successful in MLM, not if your strategies and tactics are flawed.

To make lots of money as an MLM distributor, you must build a large downline. To do that, you must recruit and sponsor other people, and they must do the same.


How do I find MLM distributors to recruit

Here are the five methods and the “pros and cons” for each one:

1. The ones you already know (Not viable for most distributors)
If a distributor is relatively new to the business, or he hasn´t done lots of “networking” within the industry, then they don´t know lots of MLM distributors they can recruit.

2. Advertising (We do not recommend this method)
There are many ideas to choose with which to advertise and find MLM distributors, such as: card decks, direct mailers, MLM magazine ads, newspaper classified ads, email broadcasting (spam), flyers, business cards, etc.

3. MLM Genealogy Reports (The best – We highly recommend this method)
A “genealogy report” is a database of someone´s downline. Genealogy reports contain the distributors “contact information” such as: the distributor´s name, address, phone number, email address, etc. If you can get hold of a genealogy report that´s between one and five years old (since the MLM company shut down), then work it. Genealogy reports are hard to find, and it requires having “contacts” within the industry to locate them. In fact, there are only a handful of list brokers who sell them.

4. MLM Distributor-Specific Databases (We recommend this method)
These are much like genealogy reports, exept they contain many distributors from many different companies. Always get as many genealogy leads as possible.

5. Referrals from the MLM distributors you sponsor from MLM Genealogy Reports and MLM Distributor-Specific Databases (We recommend this method)
Whenever you sign up an MLM distributor from a genealogy report or distributor-specific database, you should always ask them to provide you with a list of all of the MLM distributors they know complete with the names and phone numbers. Doing this is a very powerful strategy for establishing and advancing downline momentum.


Always get as many MLM leads as possible

It´s important to get as many MLM leads as possible so that you always have leads on hand for your ever-expanding downline (especially when you´re downline is in momentum, which can happen quickly when you recruit MLM distributors with the right strategies and tactics).

Many first-time purchasers of genealogy reports and distributor-specific databases are concerned that they may be getting to many leads. But you can never get too many. As you sign up MLM distributors and they in turn sign up MLM distributors and so on, the fact is that all of those people in your downline are going to need MLM leads for recruiting.

Therefore you must assume the responsibility of always distributing leads to your downline.